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Strategy for International SEO

Choose a domain and URL structure You can use a combination of top-level domains (like .ca or, subdirectories (like /es/ or /de/), and subdomains (like or Country code top-level domain (ccTLDs) A top-level domain, or a TLD, is the phrase at the end of your domain name. The most common one is .com, which is known as a generic domain name. There are different TLDs for specific countries, though — like .mx for Mexico or for the United Kingdom. A country focused TLD will help you rank better in a particular location.
Subdomains with generic TLDs By using directories, you’ll have a much easier navigation process that allows more users to find what they want on your site with less hassle.
Use a human translation
SEO for different languages and countries. Multinational content Let’s talk about multinational content first. Targeting different countries works best for a company that has a reason to be in each country separately. They also have a language optio…